1. When is the best season to travel to Bhutan?
2. How do I book the package tour to Bhutan?
3. What are the cost of travel in Bhutan?
4. Is it possible to get the package tour at cheaper cost?
5. Is it possible to travel as an individual with a guide?
6. How do I book the Flight Tickets? And how will I receive the Flight Tickets?
7. Why to choose Chimorya Bhutan Travels?
8. Why is there a fixed cost to travel to Bhutan? And why is the tariff relatively more expensive than the other neighboring countries?
9. Why the Royal Government of Bhutan adopts strong pricing policy by keeping the tariff relatively higher?
10. Could you explain what the royalty and taxes to the government are used for?
11. How do I book the package tour to Bhutan?
12. How can I obtain a visa to travel to Bhutan? Is there any country or embassy that issues visas on behalf of Bhutan?
13. Do we need to cover travel insurance?
14. How do we make the payment?
15. Is my advance payment safe and secure?
16. What kind of hotels do you use?
17. What kind of tour guide do you use for the trip?
18. What kind of transport vehicles are used for the trips?
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